About Retirement Savings

There is a lot of information about pensions and retirement plans, as is fitting for something that affects so many Americans yet is highly technical. For your convenience, we’ve collected reports from our members and other reputable organizations, including both government and the private sector sources.

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Analysis, research and tools:

Financial Basics

How Americans Save

A high-level overview in just five steps

Smart Investing

Step-by-step online guidelines, plus worksheets

Retirement Income: Ensuring Income throughout Retirement Requires Difficult Choices

A review of strategies, individual choices and policy options


Encouraging Retirement Saving

A Lifetime Policy For Financial And Retirement Security

Looks at the roles of education, access and encouragement in shaping secure retirements.

Do Low-Income Workers Benefit From 401(K) Plans?

Analysis using the latest U.S. Census figures


Saving through the workplace: the role of the employer

An employer-provided system benefits mainly full-time, long-term workers

What the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s National Compensation Survey of Employee Benefits tells us about Employer Provided Retirement Plans

Retirement Savings and Planning Benefits

A survey of what companies are doing today.

Government Workers Underreport Retirement Plan Availablity

A discussion of government worker’s reporting trends


Planning for your retirement: balancing all the options

Retirement Choices Study

Results of a Survey with Near-Retiree Defined Contribution Plan Participants

Annuities: Creating Guaranteed Income for Life

An overview

Tax Policy and Middle-Income Boomers

How Tax Deferral and Guaranteed Lifetime Income Strategies Can Benefit All Consumers


Tax reform analysis

Strong Majority of Americans Across the Political Spectrum Opposes Retirement Savings Changes

A recent national survey conducted by the Coalition to Protect Retirement reveals that Americans oppose any change in the current tax rules for their retirement savings plans, believing it will impede their ability to prepare for retirement.

Savings Under Tax Reform: What is the Cost to Retirement Savings?

An in-depth look at the likely effects of various reform proposals

Revenue Estimates and Retirement Policy: The Need to Consider Present-Value Estimates of Changes in Tax Policy

Seeking an accurate estimate of the long-term revenue effect of deferral proposals

Retirement Savings and Tax Expenditure Estimates

How to measure the true value of both the primary and secondary tax benefits accruing from tax exempt retirement savings

Estimated Benefits of Tax Expenditure Estimates for Defined Contribution Plan Participants and Retirees with Account Balances

Tax ramifications based on Adjusted Gross Income

Understanding The Role Of Tax Treatment In The Employer Provided Retirement System

Erosion of the current tax treatment of employer provided retirement plans will result in fewer Americans saving for retirement.

Be careful what you wish for

The effects of reducing defined contribution plan limits

Full Testimony of Judy Miller of ASPPA

Testimony at Senate Finance Committee hearing, 9-15-11

Impact of The Presidential Debt Commission Recommendations

An analysis of the Debt Commission’s proposal on defined contribution limits

401(k) Ownership Continues to Grow, While IRA Ownership Falls

An EBRI study on retirement contribution levels

The Tax Benefits and Revenue Costs of Tax Deferral

A study of retirement tax deferrals